Selling and Buying a House Without a Real Estate Agent

When selling and buying a house you do not need to turn to a real estate agent. While this process can be overwhelming, it is not as complicated as it seems. It is an important step in most people’s lives. For many people the purchase of a home means an investment in their future, something that can look at and say, “This is mine.” Selling that home can, in turn, be a source of great excitement and is the primary way that the average person increased his or her net worth. The real estate market is, in essence, a great big game of haggling.

The primary reason that people are hesitant to begin this process is because they are unfamiliar with the buying and selling process. A recent survey showed that the average individual or family buys and sells a house an average of two and half times in their lifetime. Many people only go through the process once in their lifetime. This means that most people have no idea about the processes involved in real estate transactions. This lack of experience could translate into thousands of dollars lost in these transactions which could be the difference between building a strong financial future and financial ruin. However, buying or selling a property is as easy as securing a loan or finding the right buyer. Any bank will walk you through the complicated paperwork that follows.

A second reason that people fear the process is that they don’t know how to maximize their profit from such transactions. Large sums of money are usually involved (sometimes a person’s entire life savings) and there is a persistent fear that we are being ripped off (either by selling our home too low a price or by paying too much for a particular property). When dealing with an individual who is selling their home the profit margin can be increased dramatically by researching the surrounding real estate market. What are other homes selling for? Have other homes in the area sold recently? Call a real estate office and ask to be shown some houses in the area that match the qualities of your house (you may have to pretend to be buyer). It this way you can get a feel for what you house should sell for.
When purchasing a house, increasing your profit can be less tangible.

Instead of earning money by increasing the asking price of a property, you can save money by lowering the asking price of the property you are trying to purchase. You can achieve this goal again by studying the surrounding market place. View several homes, both below and over your price range in order to get a clear picture of the real estate market.

Selling and buying a house can be a tricky, time consuming, and even overwhelming process for the average person. Large sums of money, high pressure sales men, and unpredictable market prices make potential transactions intimidating. However, by keeping your cool, remaining confident, and studying surrounding real estate markets anyone can buy or sell a house.

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