Sell My House: Secret To Selling Real Estate Revealed

Sell my house‚ is the catchphrase for millions of homeowners. As a real estate investor, my phone rings off the hook with desperate homeowners seeking financial relief. While each caller’s story is unique, they all hold the same vision – finding a qualified buyer for their property.

If you find yourself chanting, please sell my house, hope is on the way. Even in today’s downturned real estate market there are strategies that can release you from the financial bondage of your home mortgage. Some strategies are more complicated than others. Much depends on your mortgage note balance and how far you are willing to go to sell your house.

Borrowers attempting to avoid foreclosure sometimes turn to „We Buy Houses“ programs. Recently, this topic was featured on the news. With the magnitude of pending foreclosures, it was just a matter of time before scammers found a way to prey on desperate borrowers. The news story explained how homeowners were signing over the deed to their home, yet being held responsible for making mortgage payments.

This is not to say „we buy houses“ programs are a scam. There are legitimate home buying companies that have helped borrowers sell their house and make a fresh start. Perhaps the most notable home buying company is HomeVestors; founder of the infamous „We Buy Ugly Houses“ campaigns.

It is important to engage in due diligence to ensure you are working with a reputable home buying organization. All businesses are required to be licensed in each state where they conduct business. Business licenses are generally handled through the Secretary of State or Department of Revenue.

The easiest way to validate business licenses is via the Internet. Using your favorite search engine type in your state and the agency handling business registrations. For example, if you reside in New York, type in „New York Department of Revenue“ or „New York Secretary of State.“

Real estate experts recommend using the services of a real estate attorney and realtor when selling or buying realty. When borrowers are financially strapped and need to sell their home quickly, they have a tendency to neglect important aspects; particularly obtaining legal counsel. At minimum, real estate contracts should be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure real estate transfer documents are legally binding and properly submitted through the appropriate court.

A frequently overlooked resource for selling houses quickly is real estate investors. Although the housing market is in a slump, many investors are buying houses at record speed. History has proven real estate makes for a smart investment. Savvy investors realize the real estate market will eventually turn around. By purchasing houses now, they can potentially reap massive profits in the future.

Homeowners who need to sell house fast should seek out private investors who buy and sell a variety of properties. Many investors purchase homes with cash to expedite the sale and save thousands of dollars in real estate agent commissions and settlement costs.

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