Real Estate and Keller Williams a Great Career Choice

A popular misconception is that Keller Williams agents spend most of their time
recruiting other agents to their company instead of selling real estate.
Along with misconceptions that blondes are stupid, spinach can make you strong and chocolate can rot your teeth, this isn’t based on fact.
„I actually do the recruiting with suggestions from our agents,“ said Elaine Armogida,Team Leader at Keller Williams Los Alamitos. „They recommend agents to me that they
feel would be a good fit for our office and culture. Then I follow up and see if they would
be interested in talking about Keller Williams.“
„Honestly, our agents really don’t have time to recruit other agents,“ continued Armogida. „Our agents are out there working with buyers and sellers. That is why we have become one of the top producing company’s in the area.“
„I can see why some people think we recruit,“ said Yvonne Kelly-Brazell, an agent at
the KW Los Alamitos office. „We are so excited by the culture and energy that comes from our office that we sometimes rave about it to other agents. Keller Williams is such an innovative company it is hard not to brag about how great it is.“
„Plus with profit share, 100 percent commisions and the strong producers we have
attracted to the Los Alamitos office, you can’t help but want to tell everyone about it,‘ said Kelly-Brazell.
Whether they want to admit it or not, all real estate company’s recruit.
„When I was at my former company, they offered us a percentage of the first two sales
of any agent we recruited over to that office,“ said Richard Daskam, an agent at the KW Los
Alamitos office. „Our broker was constantly telling us to try and get people over to the
company that we would like to work with. They even had cds made up touting the company and mailed them out to other agents.“
„I am always getting e-mails and phone calls from RE/MAX, Century 21 and First Team all the time, asking me to check out their company,“ added Daskam.
Keller Williams offers a unique opportunity for real estate agents to earn more while offering their customer superior real estate services. The Keller Williams compensation
model is designed to allow agents the possibility of retaining most of their commissions, the cost effectiveness of sharing common operating expenses, and the opportunity to participate in profit sharing.
„Profit share allows agents to add a passive stream of income to their regular
commissions, enhancing their personal wealth and retirement planning,“ said Armogida.
Armogida says the secret of the company’s business model is its focus on the agents.
„Keller Williams was started by agents,“ she says. „They wanted it to be a company that
agents could have a shareholder’s stake in.“
Keller Williams also takes an educational approach to the business, offering a range of
professional development opportunities. „A lot of times, Realtors think they’re on their own,“ Armogida says. „We offer professional coaching to draw business to the next level.“
„This program goes beyond ordinary income opportunities,“ said Holly Kovich an agent at KW. „Through our associate vesting program, it continues for life, even after an associate stops listing and selling real estate. It is an insightful look at what future compensation programs will be measured against.“
„I think this helps the company succeed,“ said Armogida. „Since everyone who wants to participate in the program wants to earn this passive income, they want every agent to succeed.“
Keller Williams has been created for top agents, by top agents. The Keller Williams
model is dedicated to creating careers worth having, businesses worth owning and lives worth living.
To find out more about Keller Williams Realty Los Alamitos, please contact Elaine
Armogida, at her office at (562) 626-8602.

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