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Social media has not entirely done away with certain old-fashioned functions, like writing a letter of introduction, placing a phone call, saying „Please“, and Thank you“. There still are situations where a written letter of introduction has value – and can yield opportunities, too.

Let me introduce myself

What are some of the reasons for writing a letter of introduction?

· Career change – Use a letter of introduction to notify members of your sphere of influence (SOI), to let them know you have changed careers and are now building a new life as a real estate agent.

· New agent client building – A letter of introduction can be used as part of your first client-building marketing campaign.

· Introducing a new marketing plan – Your letter can focus more on a brief introduction, followed by a description of your new marketing plan.

· Change of real estate companies – Use a letter of introduction to notify your SOIs and prospective clients of your new affiliation, and let them know what your years of experience, aligned with the resources and experience of your new realty firm can offer home buyers and sellers.

The elements of introduction

First, remember that you are a business person. You are on a mission to introduce yourself, the services you have to offer, and state why you are so uniquely qualified to help your clients.

· Style – The style of your letter can be friendly but structured in a business letter format. Your letter should be brief and to the point, and no longer than one page.

· Subject – The subject will be to state your purpose for writing.

· The specifics – Make a statement of value add about what you have to offer your clients and what sets you apart as an expert in your neighborhood real estate market.

· Call to action – Conclude your letter by telling your readers that you will be in contact with them.

· Conclusion – Thank your readers for their time and let them know all the different ways they can be in touch with you, including all social media platforms and through your web site.

Referrals, please

One thing common to all realtors is the need to gather referrals. The introduction letter often includes a request for referrals.

Some real estate agents have stepped away from that direct approach and left out any mention of referrals. One realtor reported that eliminating such requests from his letters drew considerable surprise from existing clients and generated far more referrals when he was not „begging“ clients for them. Consider experimenting with this idea and determine for yourself which produces more favorable results.

Letting go of „I“

Although you are speaking about yourself and what you have to offer your clients, limit the number of sentences that begin with „I“. Your letter will sound more gracious and client-focused to your readers.

The finishing touch

The finishing touch is ensuring that your letter is correctly spelled, that all words are properly used, that it is positioned in the center of the page, and printed on quality letterhead. You may think no one really notices or cares, but a poorly executed letter will lead your prospects to wonder what else you don’t pay close attention to.

You will probably use several types of introduction letters over time but the foundation or template remains pretty much the same. No matter which letter you send, it is your „first impression“ – the one you will make to prospective clients. Make it a quality impression, like the quality agent you are.

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